On-board equipment



The long-awaited yacht is almost ready, and the only missing thing is a windlass? Is the on-board winch still waiting to be installed on the unit? Or maybe the mooring equipment requires some minor maintenance – especially when it comes to old fairleads worn out after many seasons? Our experts also install various mechanical devices, such as anchors, capstans, or polishers. We also make sure that the vessel’s on-board equipment is in the best possible technical condition allowing for safe travel. During the works, we also pay attention to whether all the accessories meet the requirements of the relevant legal acts regulating the rules of shipping. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about maintenance, installation, or choosing the right equipment for your unit.


Our company carries out assembly work in the field of on-board mechanics and more, which is why we offer:


  • installation of anchor lifts (electric or hydraulic) and reinforcement of chain chambers,
  • assembly and start-up of manual, electric and hydraulic winches,
  • installation of electric or hydraulic on-board winches,
  • installation of mooring polishers,
  • installation of all kinds of brackets, rollers and deck rails and other hydraulically or electrically driven deck equipment.

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