Power hydraulics



Although it essentially is a rather simple technology known for many decades, power hydraulics is still widely used in many industry sectors; especially in those which need great amounts of energy, such as construction, agriculture, and aviation. The shipbuilding industry also takes full advantage of the benefits of this solution. Power hydraulics’ popularity is due to its reliability, independence from electricity, and its efficiency. The installations can carry loads weighing up to several tons! That is why they are the basis of all steering and braking systems, malfunction of which could pose a great threat to the driver and the environment. Well-chosen actuators and motors allow you to significantly increase the efficiency of heavy equipment such as cranes or other construction machines.


Brokos Service provides the following services:


  • construction of new and optimisation of existing plumbing systems,
  • selection of fasteners, tubes and pipes with clamping system and hose fixing and protection system,
  • construction of the system on the basis of a hydraulic scheme,
  • execution of installation on bent steel pipes,
  • filling with oil and filtering the oil to the required purity class,
  • launching of machines and devices equipped with power hydraulics,
  • construction of complete hydraulic systems with the use of Ermeto systems (installation of among others: (e.g. hydraulic pumps, valves, manifolds or pressure and flow regulators).

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